Roberta McHatton, First Down Laser's director of Laser Safety, is a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and pictured here with Patrick Murphy, President of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA).


Safe, Simple and Efficient

Three simple Steps...

"Don't eliminate the use of the sideline chains sets and markers augment them, and save valuable (presently lost) TV commercial revenue time on all measurements for first downs, with our new patented First Down Laser Flags system chains set."

1- With a button on his wristband, the referee can turn off or on the first down laser line for everyone on the field, in the stadium and on television to see projected across the field rather than the imaginary first down line only visible on television. With our line, the ball carrier, receivers and defenders will know EXACTLY where the first down line is.

2- Offensive team has a third & 3 on their own 25 yard line. They complete a 17 yard pass for a 1st down to their own 42. AS HE DOES NOW, the sideline judge stands on the sideline at the 42 waiting for the back stick (flag) to be placed at the 42. The front stick (with the laser on it) is then stretched 10 yards to the opponent's 48 yard line. The next play can begin.

3- When a referee calls for a measurement of a "too close to call first down", rather than the time consuming bringing out of the chains to see if the ball is over the first down line, the referee simply holds the ball on the spot it was downed and can instantly see whether or not the ball has broken the first down laser beam.


The Green Laser Line´s Appeal

Don't replace the cumbersome implementation of the chain gang, augment them...

Our First Down Laser Line is not to replace the cumbersome implementation of the chain gang or the computer generated "yellow line" seen during the broadcast of a football game, its to augment them. Unlike the imaginary yellow line, our "Green Line" can be seen from anywhere in the stadium. It is to be controlled by the officials as the official guideline on which all line calls are based. Our line can be filmed, providing both the officials and the home viewer with an accurate instant replay.

Our "Green Line" provides the players with a visible goal, preventing the fumbles and injuries that often occur when a player's attention is turned toward the sidelined first down markers. When presented with a real goal, players are driven to play harder, giving their fans a more exciting performance.

"The First Down Yag Green Laser Line system shows a visible first down line on the field, for everyone in the stadium, all the players, all the TV cameras, and all the officials to see."

March 6, 2012 Pat Summerall Explained on camera (click here to view video) the First Down Laser Systems, a Division of Thought Development, Inc. .

Football is a game of inches, and winning or losing depends on this. Having our first down laser line visible on the field for all the Players, Coaches, Officials and the Fans (both at home and in the stadium) - helps to make the game of football not only more exciting for the fans watching in the stadium, but it helps make it safer for the players and more accurate for the integrity of the game itself.

We are not suggesting to eliminate the chains, just to augment them with our durable safe first down laser line system on the field. It will save the NFL, NCAA and the networks literally hundreds of millions of lost TV revenue dollars a year by simply implementing our Laser line system, as a constant visible on the field first down reference point. The cost of our system can be offset by the advertising dollars, and newly gained TV minutes dollars saved. EXAMPLE: The First Down Laser light line could be brought to you by a beverage Lite beer or soda company.

Completely and instantly controllable on the field, and in the control booth, for instant on and off (like a light switch) by the officials at any time.

Did you ever go to a football game and inevitably someone would say "were is the yellow first down line? I can't tell were the first down is." Well that yellow line is only a graphic on TV for the home viewing audience. Invented by Alan Amron, and awarded (4) four United States Patents, this amazing new laser line system will help to make the game of football, not only safer and more accurate, but more interesting to the viewing audience at home as well as in the stadium.

Football is all about first downs and touch downs, yet to date, only the goal line is visible on the playing field. To make the game of football safer, more complete, and more accurate, we should be able to see the first down line as well."

The Denver Post conducted a poll  


Should the NFL upgrade technology to Lasers for measuring first downs?

2 out of 3 people polled DO want the NFL to upgrade technology using Lasers for measuring first downs!!!


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